CD Fly Rods from Composite Developments;

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CD or Composite Developments are the leading NZ Fly Rod manufacturer. Their fly rods are right up with the best in the world

Now all rods come with a spare tip section and a 5 year unconditional warranty.

Price drop for the 10/11 season - Great value;

RRP $899.00
RRP $699.00
RRP $499.95
GST Refund:$117.26
GST Refund: $91.17
GST Refund: $65.09
GST Free Price $781.74
GST Free Price $607.83
GST Free Price $433.91
Delivery costs is estimated to be about NZ$32 with insurance

Great Value: Australian customers don't pay NZ GST (15%) when you purchasing these rods from us and the GST refund will more than cover the delivery cost's plus you'll also save on the exchange rate

With a CCS rating comparable to the worlds finest, the XLS from Composite Developments is a must for any serious casting enthusiast.
Whether throwing for distance or demonstrating slack line technique, the responsiveness of the rod tip can make or break ones performance.
With my XLS 590 - 4 in my hand I know I have the right tool for the job, and can go about instructing in a relaxed confident mind set.

Chris Dore
Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor
Queenstown, NZ