The advent of Breathable Waders has greatly improved the overall wader experience. Lightweight and comfortable out on the river they are now the way to go for general wading these days. The heavier Neoprene waders are excellent in cold weather/water whilst the Nylon/PVC waders offer a cheaper solution

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Choosing your Wader Sizes Online:

We have a system in place that means you can buy your waders online and expect to get the correct fit, if for some reason we do get it wrong we will exchange sizes for you of course. All the waders are designed to fit average body and foot sizes. The boot sizes are NZ sizes. There are no half sizes so go up to the next full size.

For the Breathable Waders and Wading Boots the stocking foot goes inside your boot, some boots are sized to allow for the extra fabric of you waders to fit inside and some aren't, so check each product for info. Again there are no half sizes so go up to the next full size. If you are in doubt go larger. If you like to wear thicker socks inside the stocking foot you'll need a larger size boot to accommodate that also.

Take the guess work out of selecting your waders by taking advantage of DryLINE's Made to Measure Service , ideal for those who have problems fitting standard size wader

We are very flexible with the waders. If your ordered size doesn't fit then send them back and I'll send you another pair.